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Professional CV Writing Services

Country specific international standard CV's that are ATS friendly which can be used for Local & International career opportunities.

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Bespoke Professional CV & Resume Writing

We will revamp your CV into a modernised, professional format, that gets you noticed by Recruiters and Employers, which includes:

  • Changing the layout and design to a more senior professional and appealing template – ensuring it makes a good 1st impression.

  • Add on to your skills section to bring focus to overall capabilities and what you have to offer a new employer – need to sell yourself through this section.

  • Add keywords from job specs in your field to ensure cv gets picked up through online search engines and filters used. (ATS)

  • Bring more structure to the CV.

  • Bring more focus to main functions under employment details – show you’re an achiever not just a doer. 

  • More focus to level of experience and positions you would be interested in – this includes adding additional specialised industry content. 

  • LinkedIn Packages: We will optimise your profile to “All-Star” rating, meaning your profile is optimised for success. According to LinkedIn, profiles with an All-Star rating are 27 times more likely to be found in recruiter searches. A LinkedIn profile at All-Star rating also means three times more profile traffic from searches, the feed, and your network. We redo your profile adding industry and profession specific key skills and focus.

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Entry Level CV's & Cover Letters

Ideal for new graduates, or individuals with less than 5 years of combined working experience looking for employment for the 1st time. We write up a professional CV and Cover Letter for you, to ensure you are job hunting ready to start building on your professional career.

Professional CV's & Cover Letters

National and International level. Ideal for individuals with more than 5 years of combined working experience on a non-management level. Are you looking to make a career change? Or start applying for new positions to advance your career - then this package is for you.

Executive Level Professional CV's & Cover Letters

National and International level. For the Executive / Management level career changer, professionals such as Lawyers, Doctors, CEO, CFO, COO, Company Directors, Entrepreneurs, Self Employed Directors, Information Technology Specialists, Subject Matter Specialists, Sales Executives, etc.

LinkedIn Profiles

Stand out from the rest of the crowd with the Social Media Package - Get a professional CV, Cover Letter & your LinkedIn profile professionally updated. We ensure your LinkedIn Profile is "All Star" status - meaning it will be optimised for success and you will get found in recruiter searches.

Some of our work:

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Download CV's & Cover Letters

Download our user friendly premium CV and Cover Letter Templates, available in .doc Word format.

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Elarduspark, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

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