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The Job Interview! 😬

So you landed an interview? Congratulations! That's halfway to landing the job.. Now you just need to blow the interviewer away like you did on paper.. Easy right? Yes, we know, it's easier said than done! So that's why we decided to give you some interview tips 👀😉.

Don't be late! Don't be late

1. Don't be late.

Plan to arrive for your interview 10-15 minutes before the appointed time. Arriving too early is also not a good thing, on the other hand, arriving late creates a bad first impression and may doom your chances right off the bat.

Ask for directions when making arrangements for the interview. If you run into a snag, phone ahead at the first sign of trouble. It shows good manners and a respect for the recruiter’s time and will give them an opportunity to reschedule if need be.

2. Dress for success!

Dress for the job you want, not the job you have!

Decide what you’ll wear the night before so you won’t rush at the last minute. Lay out your clothes and make sure everything is clean and pressed.

3. Prepare questions for your interview.

A classic recruiter pet peeve is the part of the interview when they wonder out loud if you have any questions for them, and you simply reply “no.” That can be a big strike against you.

Having questions shows how interested you really are in the role and may also show that you did your homework and should be taken seriously.

4. Do your research!

Always do your research on a company before you head into an interview. Wouldn’t it be a shame to get hired only to discover you don’t even want to work there? At the very least, research information about the company and the job, and do a Google search for current news on the company.

Some important information to look for includes what the company is all about, how does their company culture look? Is it a company you would like to work for?

5. Body Language.

What you don’t say can be as important as what you do say in job interviews. Understanding and maximizing your non verbals— smiling, eye contact, handshake, posture, and the like — will help you succeed in the interview.

That's it for now! Happy job hunting!

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