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Resume Writing 101: It's time for an update

Resume's matter YES!

Your resume is your first step to a new job, career shift or landing that interview! The average time a recruiter or employer looks at your resume is 5 to 7 seconds - will you be making that much needed first impression?

Resumes are great tools for showing off accomplishments in a professional kind of way. If you create your resume properly (keep reading for our best tips), it’s going to display concrete results and showcase your talent properly in a format that Recruiters and potential Employers love.

Is your last job position even listed? No = yikes. We sometimes get so caught up in our everyday life and routine we do not think that this is a major thing to worry about and that it needs attention. When you update your resume here, please sit down, take a breath, have a cup of tea or coffee and write down your main responsibilities, remember to add in your career highlights!

Sending off the same resume to multiple job openings and not getting ANY interview requests? That could be a sign that it's time for a revamp - as our every day life changes and evolves, so does resume's and the criteria of what Recruiters and Employers are looking for. Consider having a former colleague look over your resume and give you honest feedback.

Watch out for a too long resume! Multiple-page resumes may seem like a great way to display your diversity of talent, but it’s actually better to show off your organizational and editorial abilities by keeping your resume concise. You want your potential employer to look through your entire portfolio and read your whole resume, not get bored halfway through. Think: greatest hits.

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