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Paying a Professional to write your rèsumè...

So, I know this question comes up a lot when one needs to pay for a Professional service..

Some of us feel like "you have to do it yourself" and this attitude persists when it comes to writing your rèsumè. It's essentially like saying you should do your own taxes because nobody knows your finances better than you. But do we hire a Professional to manage our taxes? Yes, because these individuals are professionals at what they do.

For people who are comfortable writing their own resume – and can produce an outstanding one – fantastic. For those whose strengths lie elsewhere, there is no reason not to hire a professional.

So you decided to write your rèsumè yourself.. What happens when your rèsumè is in the hands of a potential recruiter or employer? Is that person going to be engaged and compelled to move based on a résumé that parrots their company's job description? Not likely.

The decision is yours!

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